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Objet : Lumières Scintillantes
Type : Défaut Technique, Impie
Vivant : Oui (définition étendue)
Conscient : Oui
Dangers potentiels/actuels défaillance soudaine de machines, peur motivée par la religion
Combinaison/Armement requis Lorsque déployé, un objet avec une signification religieuse/scientifique/technolohique doit être distribué si cel a est jugé nécessaire
Localisation : Base-Six
Anomalie Signalée : Technique, Religieuse


L'objet doit être utilisé comme une distraction à moyenne échelle, une démonstration de puissance ou [EXPURGÉ].

L'anomalie peut être invoquée via un rituel tel que décrit dans le document FL-2. Cette version du rituel s'est avérée être le strict minimum nécessaire pour provoquer l'effet anormal souhaité. Plusieurs variables du document original FL-Original-1 ont été omises de FL-2.

Plusieurs versions modifiées de FL-Documents (ci-après dénommés FL-Mods) sont actuellement en circulation. Ils peuvent être utilisés dans des circonstances spécifiques où le fichier FL-Mod fonctionnerait mieux que le fichier FL-2 standard. Tous les fichiers FL-Mod sont considérés comme des "expériences" dans le cadre de la "Politique d'assurance contre l'insurrection". Les FL-Mods doivent être étiquetés avec un code numérique unique de 3 à 4 chiffres.

Bien qu'il soit possible d'activer l'anomalie sans une copie physique d'un FL-File et/ou d'un objet important sur le plan religieux/scientifique/technologique, ces versions librement récitées ne sont presque jamais complètement exactes pour un FL-File et sont donc considérées comme un FL-Mod .

Les copies de FL-Mods avec des effets néfastes doivent être retirées de la circulation et remplacées par une copie de FL-2. Le cas échéant, un recyclage du personnel peut être organisé.


"Flickering Lights" is a phenomenon produced via the citation of specific words. The language in which the words are spoken does not affect their outcome. It is therefore believed that the effect is not tied to specific sounds, but instead a pattern of meaning. The original source for the words was transcribed in Arabic with its dialect dating to around 250 BC.

The original FL-File (FL-Original-1) was found during emergency excavations in Syria in 2016. When it was discovered it was bundled with seemingly unrelated roman scriptures, edged into 75-centimeter thick bronze sheets. No similar bundles were recovered from the excavation sight.

The first activation of the item in the modern age was accidentally triggered during the translation process. The discovery would have been written off as a simple technical defect if it had not been replicated under the observation of a technician with connections to the Insurgency.

The reciting of FL-Original-1 corresponded with the simultaneous, temporary failure of 7 lamps, 2 computers, 1 water cooler, and 4 car batteries. It also stoked superstition among the expedition, which claimed to have summoned a "demon that was buried for a reason". Further investigation revealed that there was in fact a presence that registered on our paranormal detectors. Still, the actual output of paranormal energy was deemed too insignificant to point to a larger, more powerful entity. During its initial detection and mapping, it was discovered that the fear instilled by "Flickering Lights" actually decreases for a subject if it is in possession of a religiously/scientifically/technologically significant object, including a paper copy of FL-Original-1.

Insurgency specialists evaluated the anomaly and cleared it for large-scale deployment. During its deployment, it was discovered that "Flickering Lights" was not bound to the Arabic language. This information enabled the deployment of the anomaly on a larger scale. As a result, FL-1 was distributed as a one-to-one translation of FL-Original-1.

With further experimentation, it was discovered that the effect was actually modifiable. This allowed the creation of FL-2, which was 80% faster to activate, without a significant reduction in its effectiveness. Following this discovery FL-1 was retired as a tool for the field- and recruitment operations.

Its large user base led to various modifications of FL-2. Some notable candidates include FL-M0007 which only targets computer hardware, FL-M0944 which produces fear on a city-wide scale without causing technological disturbances, FL-M0430 which only targets one specific human/device, and FL-M1951 which caused [REDACTED].

Along with these success stories were many FL-Mods which produced detrimental effects. These effects range from nearly 0% effectiveness to massive spikes in paranormal energy, with fatal results.

The number of casualties on the site of the Insurgency was high enough to warren a reclassification of the information. This resulted in a great reduction of personnel using "Flickering Lights". As an unwanted side-effect, the amount of misquoted versions of FL-2 increased drastically. The current policy of the Insurgency is to provide users of "Flickering Lights" a clean copy of FL-2, but not to equip new recruits with FL-2 as a standard tool. This has been shown to be effective as a measure to reduce self-inflicted casualties.

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